THIS IS ALL ABOUT US is created, written, programmed and maintained by one artist and all around swell person as a side hustle to what puts food on the table.

Artist and designer in a range of disciplines now learning to program, this site was born out of a desire to design something from a different perspective; I know little about putting together a gaming site, but bring a lot of other skills including design, gaming, cryptocurrency and a love for fun Zen and art.

The front end has become so powerful and financial settlement is now available without the middle man our society is about to change fundamentally and that is the challenge; the task at hand. What will we the individual grab onto going forward? How will we buy services? What interfaces will 5G bring.

Lets back it up, today our site strives to put out content that is interesting and entertaining to people and looks and feels good to use. Good design approached from a different mindset. It works, until it doesn’t. We build, we learn.

Thank you for visiting Please join the conversation and let us know how you feel either way. See ya around the web!! We are here to have fun and hope you too have some fun thanks again for stopping by Play a little, explore, learn and share. We are always bringing something new to you.

Love our nature. Love our humanness.

The idea is to monetize the channel without the use of ads and without collecting the clients data other than an email address, if desired. No hassle ever. Will this model work?

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